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Alpaca Magazine

The British Alpaca Society Magazine.

Bird Watching

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The UK´s best-selling bird magazine, Bird Watching is exactly what you need to stay up to date with fellow birders.


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Birdwatch is the U´s number one monthly magazine for birding experts, and anyone looking to improve their birding skills.

Cage and Aviary Birds

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Britain's only weekly bird keeping title, keep up to date with what's going on in the aviculture world, with the emphasis on avian news, beautiful hotography of...

Carriage Driving


Carriage Driving Magazine is the only magazine dedicated entirely to sport and recreation with the harness horse.

Country Smallholding

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Britain´s bestselling magazine for smallholders, Country Smallholding is jam-packed with specialist advice.

Dog Friendly

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Looking for your next adventure with your favourite cuddly companion.

Dogs Today

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Dogs Today is the leading UK magazine dedicated to being the perfect go-to educational guide for all dog owners.

Exotics Keeper

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Exotics Keeper is a new monthly magazine for anyone interested in keeping and caring for exotic animals.

Horse and Hound

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Horse & Hound is Britain's equestrian weekly bible.

Horse and Rider

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The UK´s bestselling equestrian monthly, Horse and Rider magazine is perfect for aspiring and enthusiastic riders.

Modern Dog


Modern Dog is the lifestyle magazine for urban dogs and their companions.

Practical Fishkeeping

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A must-read for newcomers, experienced fishkeepers and those in the trade of fishkeeping, Practical Fishkeeping magazine is a comprehensive guide to fish, produ...

Practical Pigs

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Subscribe to Practical Pigs magazine today; the informative magazine dedicated to those who keep pigs as a hobby, for profit, or those who are just interested i...

Racing Ahead

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Racing Ahead magazine is Britain´s biggest and best selling horse-racing magazine, the complete guide to horse-racing in the UK and Ireland.

The Smallholder

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Back to basics publication aimed at true smallholders.

Your Cat


Your Cat is the must-have magazine for all cat lovers and owners if you have feline friends, or know someone who is cat crazy, then a subscription is essential.

Your Dog

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A friendly informative read for any dog lover, a Your Dog magazine subscription is sure to get tails wagging.

Your Horse

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Your Horse is Britain´s best selling equestrian magazine brimming with advice on how to take care of your horse and enjoy your equestrian experience.