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Bass Guitar

The UK’s number one bass guitar magazine – Subscribe today to Bass Guitar Magazine, the must have read for all bass guitar musicians.

BBC Music

A must have for any classical music enthusiast, composer or musician looking to brush up on their knowledge and keep up to date with new music.

Classic Pop

Classic Pop is the music magazine everyone's been waiting for.

Classical Music

Launch your subscription to Classical Music magazine today.

Computer Music

Computer Music is the complete guide to making music with a computer.

Country Music

Country Music magazine is a brand new title that celebrates 100 years of great music and artists.

Country Update

Country Update Magazine is Australia's premier country music publication.

Electronic Sound

Understanding the true roots of electronic music, Electronic Sound magazine combines modern design with a wide context of culture and technology.

Future Music

Subscribe to Future Music magazine today.


The ideal read for any classical music enthusiast.

Irish World

You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy the Irish World. The Irish World is not just about news, politics, culture, music, and Gaelic games.


Kerrang isn’t just your average music magazine, it eats, sleeps and breathes rock and heavy metal.

Living Blues

Living Blues is America’s leading authority on blues music and culture.


Designed for those who truly love music.

Music Teacher

Pick up your subscription to Music Teacher magazine today.

Music Tech

Music Tech is the most practical magazine on the market for recording musicians, sound engineers and producers.


MusicTech magazine is perfectly described as the intersection between music and technology.

MusicTech Focus Series

MusicTech Focus is the high quality, special edition magazine from the publishers of MusicTech.

Notion Magazine

Notion is a music platform like no other.

Planet Rock

Planet Rock is the largest rock radio station in the UK, playing rock music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and the present day...