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Arthritis Today Magazine

Published by the Arthritis Foundation, each bimonthly issue of Arthritis Today covers arthritis research, care and treatment.

Consumer Reports on Health Magazine

Consumer Reports on Health is a healthy living magazine providing expert, unbiased reporting on how to live healthier, longer.

Diabetes Forecast Magazine

Diabetes Forecast is a health conditions magazine that educates readers about the latest and best information on diabetes research and treatment.

Diabetes Self-Management Magazine

Diabetes Self-Management is a health magazine that provides readers with up-to-date, practical information on nutrition, exercise, new medications, self-help, medical advances and other topics that they should know about to stay healthy.

Gluten-Free Living Magazine

Gluten-Free Living magazine is a lifestyle dedicated to helping people who need to follow a gluten-free diet.

Health and Fitness

The magazine for Women that want a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle

Health and Wellbeing

Launch your Health & Wellbeing magazine subscription today; the essential addition to the lives of women who are passionate about fitness.

Health Magazine

Health is a health and fitness magazine that is geared to women who embrace healthy living.

Life Extension Magazine

Life Extension is a healthy living magazine that offers insights into cutting-edge nutrition, health, and medicine from a company that specializes in discovering ways to extend the human lifespan.

Men`s Fitness

The obsession with getting lean and staying in shape continues to boom nationwide - Men’s Fitness magazine focuses on helping you fulfil these goals and help you become fitter, healthier and happier.

Men`s Health

Need to boost your muscles for the sunnier season.

Mens Running

Men’s Running magazine is the UK’s favourite monthly publication focused on men’s running and fitness programmes.

Muscle and Fitness

Focused on bulking up and making gains. A Muscle & Fitness magazine subscription is an absolutely essential investment for men and women interested in taking their bodies to the next level.

Muscle and Fitness Hers

Muscle & Fitness HERS is written and designed for the active woman who wants more out of fitness.

Outdoor Fitness

If you’re craving a little outdoor adventure to break up the monotony of the gym, or already champion an outdoors approach to keeping healthy, fit and active, an Outdoor Fitness magazine subscription .

Prevention Magazine

Prevention is a women's health magazine that offers useful and informative articles about topics related to general health advice, ranging from food and nutrition to weight loss, workouts, beauty, disease prevention, and cooking.

Spirituality and Health Magazine

Spirituality & Health is a healthy living magazine that discusses conscious living, spirituality, and health as they relate to both the body and soul.

Strong Fitness

STRONG Fitness Magazine is a trusted source of cutting-edge fitness and health information for the modern woman who lives to be fit.

Sweat Equity

Yoga, Fitness and Lifestyle- dedicated to yoga teachers, trainers, studios, practitioners, food, travel, fashion, beauty, and healthy living.

Sweat RX

We are purveyors of functional fitness. The first magazine to provide in depth content, expert contributors, athlete and affiliate profiles, events, WODs, nutrition and research.